DC Special Police Officer Training

Let us provide you with the training you need to become a D.C. Special Police officer. We offer comprehensive and affordable educational programs that help you succeed.

What is the D.C. Special Police Officer Training Course?
The required training for D.C. Special Police Officers, in accordance with the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), includes the following:  

• DC Laws of Arrest
• DC Criminal Codes
• Use of Force
• Terrorism Awareness
• Report Writing

• De-Escalation Techniques
• Firearms Training
• Baton and Handcuffing
• OC/Pepper Spray Training


Police Officer on Duty

Armed Training
The tuition cost for the armed D.C. SPO training is $350, plus a $50 range fee. 

Unarmed Training
The tuition cost for the unarmed D.C. SPO training is $200. Students will receive in-service instruction.

Oleoresin Capsicum ¨OC¨/ Pepper Spray Training

Pepper Spray

Handcuffing Training

ASP Baton Training