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60% Online Training Plus Get Proven Real Hands-On Training Plus Live-Fire Range Qualification


"NEW" DC CONCEALED CARRY WEAPON PERMIT "ONLINE" CCW TRAINING COURSE LENGTH: 16-Hours Classroom + 2-Hours Range = 18 Total Hours BREAKDOWN: 10-Hours "ONLINE" Training+6-Hours Classroom + 2-Hour Live-Range Qual Training Available to ALL qualified DC Residents and Non-Residents throughout the U.S. to conceal carry in the District of Columbia Our Metropolitan Police Department /DC Concealed Carry Permit Training is a proven comprehensive training course covering D.C.-Specific Laws on Firearms & Self-Defense; Firearms Safety Training Course; Regulations governing concealed carry licenses; use of lethal force, prohibited areas, application process, suitability requirements and more. Students will leave the course with an understanding of carrying procedures both in and around the District of Columbia COURSE OUTLINE & LOCATIONS: DAY ONE: ONLINE ZOOM CLASSROOM - MONDAY Evening 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM (5-Hours) DAY TWO: ONLINE ZOOM CLASSROOM - TUESDAY Evening 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM (5-Hours) DAY THREE: IN-PERSON - REPORT to Boom Boom Firearms Training Academy SATURDAY Morning 6710 Oxon Hill Rd Suite 210, National Harbor, MD 20745 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (6-Hours) DAY FOUR: REPORT to MSAR @ 7:00 AM SUNDAY Morning Maryland Small Arms Range, Inc. 9801 Fallard Court, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Range Safety Briefing: 7:15 AM Course of Fire Practice & Qual: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM ZOOM CLASS LIMIT: 20 Students STUDENT REQUIREMENTS: · Students must bring a Current Driver’s License or State issued ID to class for verification. *Students must Attend & Complete ALL Sessions Successfully* Certificate of Completion WHAT'S INCLUDED: ONLINE SESSIONS: DAY #1 - MONDAY Introductions DC Forms Review Application Process DC Laws DAY #2 - TUESDAY Cont' of DC Laws Case Law Course of Fire Discussion Wrap-up Online Open Book Test DAY #3 - IN-PERSON HANDS-ON - SATURDAY Hands-On Segment Firearm Safety Rules Gun Handling Fundamentals of Marksmanship Field Stripping Inspection & Cleaning Course of Fire Practice on Simulator Speed & Accuracy Drills Shoot / No Shoot Judgmental Scenarios + Reaction Drills Range Safety Rules * Range Gear Use of Firearm Plus 50 Rounds Ammo DAY #4 - IN-PERSON RANGE QUAL - SUNDAY WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED: DC Application Fee - $75 DC Fingerprint Fee - $35 @ Metropolitan Police Department - Firearms Registration Branch 441 4th Street, NW, Room 550 South Washington, DC 20001 Telephone: (202) 727-4275 COURSE NOTE: · For more information on visit:

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Cancellation & Course Policy

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY ALL SALES ARE FINAL -- No Refund; No Exceptions. I acknowledge and accept these terms. ON-SITE/COURSE POLICY No Ammunition, nor Firearms, including concealed firearms are allowed on this facility, nor into the classroom, without advance approval -- which is a strict training environment. When permitted to bring firearms to class, Repeating, Do Not Bring Ammunition to class. All students will be required to read and sign a liability waiver prior to the start of class, for security reasons due to handling firearms. No Exceptions! The document will also include a Firearms Safety Briefing and Range Safety Briefing.

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