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Unlock your full potential with Boom Boom! Our one-stop shop provides everything you need to master your firearm, from training and permits to a wide selection of firearms, accessories, and holsters.  We are dedicated to helping you become a confident and capable gun owner. 

Credintals from one of the best FLL and Firearms Trainers in the DMV

Our team is led by a professional retired U.S. Air Force Combat Arms instructor and retired Veteran Police Officer, providing you with the best advice and service when it comes to firearms and training.

Women in the DMV can properly learn how to use a firearm.

Firearms Training
Experience Firearm Mastery Like Never Before with Boom Boom!

We offer firearm training with approachable techniques to master firearms and fire-range practice and cleaning workshops.

Get your Maryland Handgun Qualification License (HQL); Maryland Wear & Carry Permit; DC, Utah in one course! 

Firearms In-Store or Online Purchases

Firearms Sales
Experience the Boom Boom Difference!

We are not your average gun shop, our one-on-one sessions, allow us tailor to your needs—bringing the best out of you so you can become a confident and capable gun owner.

Purchase your firearm online, transfer a firearm or book an in-person consultation.

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