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Revolutionizing the Way You Purchase Firearms

At Boom Boom, we pride ourselves on innovating the way you buy a gun by not only helping you with the purchase but also with the permit and firearms training necessary to use it with comfort. Customers matter to us and our friendly team of professionals is there to help you on every step.

We don't just sell firearms, we empower gun owners.


Buy with Confidence

Welcome to Boom Boom Firearms, your premier firearms sales experience. We go beyond the typical gun shop and provide a comfortable, comprehensive purchasing session with no pressure to buy. Our inventory is constantly expanding with exclusive and rare models and top-name brands fitting all budgets and styles. Come in, take your time, and discover the perfect firearm that fits your needs, all while enjoying our top-notch services and expertise.


Come experience the Boom Boom difference!

NO WALK-INS, Appointments are required for in-person purchases. 

MD-Compliant Firearms

All firearms must be compliant with Maryland laws and regulations. Review the following to ensure your firearm is MD-compliant.



$50 Rifle Transfer Fee (Reg $100)

$60 Handgun Transfer Fee (Reg $95)


From Permit to Purchase

Boom Boom Firearms & Training is your one-stop-shop!

We are more than just a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL); we are a firearms family!

Test before Purchase

Purchase & Practice Session

Cleaning Workshops

Handgun and  Ammunition

Stay in the Loop
Be the first to learn about specials and discounts. 

Thank you for your interest!

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