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Red High Heel and Firearms


To be the premier firearms training facility where all people come to receive the most in-depth training in the industry, with safety at the forefront, professionally taught using real-world military weapons instructor and retired veteran police officer tactics and training.


To deliver the most professional and courteous focused training to each student according to established guidelines without wavering principles; and to treat people the way we want to be treated.

Top Firearms Trainer in DMV Credientals


When you're looking for an instructor that can make handling your firearms a safe and enjoyable experience, look no further than Team Boom Boom.

Learn to handle a gun in a safe and encouraging atmosphere using state-of-the art technology. We welcome all students throughout the DMV to join us.

Boom Boom Firearms Logo

Learn to handle a gun in a safe and encouraging atmosphere using state-of-the art technology. We
welcome all students throughout the DMV to join us.

Boom Boom Firearms Training, LLC (Boom Boom), founded by Mary Pitt, who having served in both the
U.S. Military as a Military Police, and a Weapons Instructor. Mary also protected and served on the
streets in Atlanta as a Police Officer, and was the Top Female Shooter on the Force for several
consecutive years, and shot with the SWAT Team members. As the Lead Instructor, Mary brings her
years of expert training to you and she ensures that each of her excellent instructors possess the same
passion, value and attention to care and detail from the first time shooters to advanced tactical


  • State of Maryland HQL Instructor

  • State of Maryland Wear & Carry; (concealed carry permit) Instructor

  • DC Concealed Carry Permit Instructor

  • DC 40-Hour Firearms Course & 8 Hour Recert

  • LEOSA - H.R. 218 for Retired Law Enforcement Officers

  • NRA Firearms Instructor for Basic Pistol Course

  • NRA Firearms Instructor for Basic Rifle Shooting Course

  • Range Safety Officer

  • Utah Concealed Carry Instructor

  • VA DCJS Instructor for 01E, 05E, 07E, 75E, 08E, 10E

  • VA 88 Training School Owner/Operator


  • Retired Air Force CATM (Firearms Instructor) for:

    • M9 Handgun

    • M11 Handgun

    • M4 Carbine

    • M16A1 & M16A2 Rifle

    • M870 Shotgun

    • M203 Grenade Launcher

    • M249 Automatic Rifle

    • M240B Machine Gun

    • M60 Machine Gun

    • M2 50 Cal.

    • Armorer Converted over 3,000 M16 Automatic Rifles to 3-round Burst Fire.

Live Interview - About Our Experience

Certified State of Maryland Wear & Carry Instructor
(See Image Below)

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Non-Profit Organization

Youth Gun Safety Incorporated

...In Partnership with
Boom Boom Firearms Training, LLC

Youth Gun Saftey Program
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"love of mankind; good nature"

We provide firearms training throughout the DMV to all persons; therefore we find it essential to provide our Children ages 8 - 16 with free firearms training for the public good. Please allow us to bring our team of Instructors, Range Safety Officers and Support Staff to come out and help educate our youth at no charge to you. Please Call 301-747-3500 to schedule our free services.

Boom Boom Philantropist
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