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Experience Realistic
and Practical Training Virtually


Firearms Simulator

Laser Shot is the global leader in providing the most realistic state-of-the-art firearms simulation.  Our portable small arms training simulator brings ranges from all over the world to you in an interactive full spectrum experience perfect for everyone – whether you are a special force training crew or just hanging out with friends.

State of the Art Laser Shot

Alternative Training Solutions for Military and Law Enforcement professionals!

 Access our 180 Degree Field of View / Multi-Screen Laser Shot Simulator with your choice of Laser or Recoil (c02 operated) Real Replicated Handguns and Rifles.

  • Practical Exercises / Fundamental Training for Law Enforcement, Military, Business Owners, and General Public 

  • Judgmental Shooting Scenario Training, i.e., Active Shooter Training in various environments, such as Schools, Churches, Buildings; Home Settings, Outdoors, etc.

  • Ability to Host Law Enforcement Shooting Qualifications; we can replicate your Shooting Qualification on an Indoor Simulation Range.  Save money on live ammunition; Conduct interactive shooting drills; not just static shooting

  • Professional Shooting Development Skills / Developmental Training using various Drills, Reaction Drills, Target Identification Shooting Drills and Target Acquisition Drills

  • Build Fundamentals: Stance, Grip, Aiming, Trigger Squeeze, Breath Control, and Follow Through.  Enhances experienced shooters skillsets and is ideal for beginning shooters.

  • Perform a variety Speed and Accuracy along with Different Shooting Platforms; Obstacle Courses; Run & Gun, Steel Targets' Sequential Shooting Drills, Hunting, etc.

  • Utilize the Simulator for Special Events such as Parties, Wedding events, and Special Occasions like Birthdays, Private Events

Appointments must be confirmed with representative 3-Business Days in Advance. 



Wednesday: 2:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Thursday:  2:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M.

Friday:  2:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Saturday:  12:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Closed Sunday (reserved for group events only)

Closed Monday

Closed Tuesday 

Closed Holidays


*Special Discounts to National Harbor residents with I.D. – $10.00 off

Image of Girls Laughing by Meghan Lamle


When virtual meets a shooting range! Whether you are just looking to get out or planning a special occasion like a bachelor/bachelorette party, Laser Shot has you covered. We offer special packages for birthday and bachelorette parties.

Image by Shubham Dhage
Woman using LaserShot


Are there any age restrictions?

Laser Shot is perfect for all ages; however, we do ask that anyone under 10 must be supervised by a parent or guardian 

Do you have be active military or law enforcement to use the Laser Shot Simulator?

While Laser Shot is designed for military and law enforcement, anyone can play. It is a state-of-the-art game that anyone can play and enjoy, even if you’ve never held a gun,  the real-life scenarios are the game changers.

Can I walk-in?

Reservations are required to participate. We provide a simple online booking tool that allows you to book your reservations in advance. If you do not like the internet, you can call and we can assist you with your reservations.

Is there a dress code?

Unlike real ranges, you do not have to come with protective gear. Casual Clothing is preferred.

Can I book the Laser Shot for a remote special event?

Of course! While our Laser Shot Stimulator is conventionally at the National Harbor, we do have a mobile version that can travel virtually anywhere. Contact us today.

Is there a limit for groups?

Groups are welcome; however only three shooters are allowed to shoot at one time.

I want to book the Laser Shot for an Occasion can I bring outside food and drinks?

Our Laser Shot Stimulator is also a versatile event space perfect for birthday and bachelor/bachelorette parties and self-defense-theme events. We can also assist you with finding third-party catering options. Contact us today.

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