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Outdoor Gun Cleaning Workshop

Learn How to Properly Field Strip & Clean Your Handgun 071424


Gun Pistol Cleaning 101 comes with a Take Home Field Tactical Ammo Can -- COMPLETE with all the starter supplies you will need to regularly clean your handgun; convenient to "grab and go" when you return to the outdoor shooting range next time to continue to be proficient with your firearm. Don't take your firearms to other people to clean it; YOU learn how to field-strip (break-down) and clean your own firearm and learn everything there is about your firearm, because this is the tool that you will use for your personal protection and the protection of your family If you HAVE a Firearm, please bring it with you (one gun limit). Make sure that your firearm is UNLOADED, as NO AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED AT THE CLEANING SITE. If you DO NOT have a firearm yet, come and we will show you how to clean a firearm and also help you purchase one. Prior to your class, please read the manual that came with your firearm that explains important information about your specific firearm, including how to clean your firearm, and also bring it to class with you if the instructor need to reference any information; if you don't have a manual, download one from the manufacturer's website. This session shows you how to field strip (break-down) your firearm; conduct a visual maintenance inspection checking for any worn parts, damaged parts or missing parts. It teaches you how to properly clean and lubricate your firearm; how to reassembly your firearm and how to conduct a function check to ensure your firearm works as the manufacturer designed. What's Included: -Field Tactical Box -New Gun Cleaning Kit for 9mm or .22 caliber firearm (includes cleaning tools, rods, and supplies) -Plastic/Latex gloves -Q-Tip -Pipe cleaners -Safety glasses -Foam ear protection -D-Lead Hand Washing Solution -Water onsite to stay hydrated; bring own snacks; sunscreen, etc. for your use What's Not Included: -Outdoor Range Live-Fire shooting with this package -- But you can visit the Outdoor Range Website to conveniently schedule your sessions OR we wan provide you with Garrett's contact number. LOCATION: Black Alpha Tactical Firearms and Tactical Training Facility (PRIVATE RANGE) Indian Head, MD Approx. 25-30 minutes from the National Harbor Classroom *Event Held Rain or Shine Sign up today and stay in the loop with us for other great sessions -- ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

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Cancellation & Course Policy

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY ALL SALES ARE FINAL -- No Refund; No Exceptions. I acknowledge and accept these terms. ON-SITE/COURSE POLICY No Ammunition, nor Firearms, including concealed firearms are allowed on this facility, nor into the classroom, without advance approval -- which is a strict training environment. When permitted to bring firearms to class, Repeating, Do Not Bring Ammunition to class. All students will be required to read and sign a liability waiver prior to the start of class, for security reasons due to handling firearms. No Exceptions! The document will also include a Firearms Safety Briefing and Range Safety Briefing.

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