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Individual firearms instruction at your pace. Instructor for in-classroom training and/or travel to shooting range for one-on-one guidance on range rules, proper safety protocols and firearms handling. (CLASSROOM AND RANGE OPTIONS) 1-HOUR - $125 Call Now: 301-747-3500 to Schedule Custom Appointments

Cancellation & Course Policy

REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY ALL SALES ARE FINAL -- No Refund; No Exceptions. I acknowledge and accept these terms. ON-SITE/COURSE POLICY No Ammunition, nor Firearms, including concealed firearms are allowed on this facility, nor into the classroom, without advance approval -- which is a strict training environment. When permitted to bring firearms to class, Repeating, Do Not Bring Ammunition to class. All students will be required to read and sign a liability waiver prior to the start of class, for security reasons due to handling firearms. No Exceptions! The document will also include a Firearms Safety Briefing and Range Safety Briefing.

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