Boom Boom Firearms Training, LLC

All Classes Taught by Retired Female Combat Arms Military Firearms Instructor, 
Retired Veteran Police Officer, and Certified National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor
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Offering Civilian and State Regulated Courses for Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia

Training You for Proper Firearm Handling

If you are ever interested in owning and using a gun, having the proper knowledge, training, and behaviors are important in keeping yourself and those around you safe. At Boom Boom, we offer our clients the training they will need to operate any firearm from handguns to rifles safely. For us, safety is of the utmost importance. Every class will emphasize the correct behaviors you will need to be safe with your firearm. Whether you are a parent, individual, or a gun enthusiast, you can benefit greatly from our gun training courses.

We are Experts in Courses for Women 

Handgun Training

From .38s to Berettas and Glocks, we offer complete safety courses for all handguns with our team. These classes are set up to give all students, no matter their level of knowledge on guns, the training, and experience to comfortably and safely handle pistols. Alongside safety training, we also offer tactical training courses for those that would like to make the most out of their handgun. Whether you're a beginner who has never touched a gun before or a seasoned veteran with extensive experience, there is something new that everyone can learn.

Rifle and Shotgun Training

Have fun learning to operate a firearm in a safe and encouraging environment with our instructional rifle training. These courses are designed to impart the knowledge you will need to operate shotguns and the AR-15 classification of rifle safely. Whether you want to hunt or know how to protect your home, our classes will give you all the knowledge for efficient and safe firearm operation.

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